== Carefully chosen and magically processed images brought together to your amusement

== Artworks are collections of authorial work professionally crafted on many types of medias

== Affordable and independent art delivered straight to your door


Where I am currently artworking on ==

Even though some of these sections will show up images from multiple arworks, this is where I am actually focused on ==

Fancy yourself this February with the Aged Castles Artwork ==

The Image expands the Artwork ==


== High resolution display of fantastic captured moments around the globe, that's the stuff

== Whether printed in canvas or conventionally framed, give RedBubble a chance of showing up their incredible finishings on your wall

== The right side link opens in another window a whole world of possibilities where you can combine frame and matte colors with my images


Hours and hours in front of my computer for combining the right images into graphical stories ==

More than products, a legacy of my photography amazingly produced and shipped by Blurb ==

The left side link opens in another window a bookstore of paperback and digital versions of my books ==


== As I work, you see the results

== Check in the right side shuffle for freshly processed images not particularly meaning recent shots

== Good thing is that there is always much more to come as my trip backlog is significant

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